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V1.0 - Opening Day

Let's just jump right into it, the wait has been long enough.

BrookLAN is Opening This Tuesday, June 22 @ 4pm!

Phew, that feels good to say.

TLDR - What You Need to Know

  • BrookLAN is open for everyone starting this Tuesday, 6/22! You can just walk right in.

  • If you would like to book the stream or private team facility, we recommend reserving ahead of time. Other than that, it's first come-first serve.

  • Drinks are allowed @ PCs, no food.

  • For the rest of the year, we welcome anyone to bring their own gaming peripherals if you are more comfortable. Just let a staff member know ahead of time and we will get you setup.

With any V1.0, we'll be working out some kinks. Kindly provide any feedback to staff if you run into any issues with equipment, facilities, etc and we will look to make constant updates.

Some Game + GGLeap Basics:


BrookLAN Team


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